This is a place to explore for those interested in urban planning and housing law aspects.  This is perhaps a good starting point for students in the area of urban law in Spain, or for those interested in getting an overview of how to proceed in the spanish housing law sector.

The origin is a project, awarded by the regional government in 2013:, there a team of researchers with the support of:

the Regional Government of Andalusia

the participation of the RDU ( REvista de Derecho Urbanístico)

the professional association of architechts , and the professional association of  Social Workers, started a new approach towards the idea of sustinability parameters in housing affordability and remodelling. The context was the european and spanish finantial crisis and its impact in the spanish housing market. The outcomes of that projects were among other the setting of a new think tank of Urban and Housing Policy in Andalusia, and the promotion of research networks.  We also created a database on urban planning and housing law to be included in the Andalusian Housing Observatory ( Regional Government).

But, the most significant projection came  with the setting of a new international journal which is being published regularly in  Spanish/English, tittled:  RISHUR ( Review International for Sustainable Housing and Urban Renewal). This journal can be also accessed in DIALNET, where it´s indexed.

We are working now in the lounching of the new journal JUSTICE, Journal of Urban Smart Transdisciplinarity and City Studies, this is our baby journal, and from these pages we are working in making it the vehicle of the  smartpeople form the perspective of urban planning and city studies.

The team of researchers working in these topics are delighted to welcome you here and it´s ready to help in making this think tank a powerful tool towards a more equitable, justice cities .